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An Aries ram tattoo along with other Aries tattoos gives a zodiac identity from among 12 zodiac signs to your body as far as belonging to one of them is concerned. You very proudly declare to the world that you are an Aries and people around you should recognize and acknowledge this fact.

Aries Ram Tattoo

Tattooing the body is not something new. Rather it is as old as humanity is. Even in the prehistoric era, people used to use their bodies as a canvas like they used the walls of the caves they were living in.

Aries Ram Tattoo

No wonder then that the two archaic tendencies of humanity found their expression in one single aesthetic - tattooing the body with the zodiac designs and being proud of the ornamental value it added to the body!

Aries Tattoos

When you tattoo your body with the first sign and symbol of the zodiac, you also silently declare to the world that you as a personality own the traits of self-confidence, courage, impatience, impulsiveness, arrogance, enthusiasm, initiative, leadership, stubbornness, energy, straightforwardness, generosity, foolhardiness and selfishness.

Aries Ram Tattoo

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Cheryl Cole tattoo

Here are Cheryl Cole Tattoos. Tattoos can be the
best way of expressing your love and devotion towards your hubby. Taking her wifely devotion to the max she got Mrs Cole inked on the nape of her neck. Cheryl flaunted her new tattoo while she and the rest of Girls Aloud squeezed into their raciest party clothes last night and headed out to celebrate bandmate Kimberley Walsh’s 26th birthday.

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Yes, some men are leg men and others – breast men. Jay Norwell, a tattoo artist, said he loves breast so much he desired a pair of his own. So he had 2 artists simultaneously tattoo nipples on the cheeks of his butt. He says he loves to show them off by flashing them for anyone that asks or dropping his pants at parties. And not just any set of nipples were added. He did his research until he found what he considered to be the perfect nipples. He says his Mom now thinks he is a “lost cause”. Jay says he would like to take a picture of his bum in a bra but says he hasn’t found the right size yet.

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The Hannah Montana star was photographed with a tattoo that reads “Just Breathe” under her left breast as she lounged poolside with friends at the Fountainbleau Resort in Miami Beach.

Cyrus, who turned 17 on Nov. 23, has yet to confirm whether the tattoo is a permanent fixture. By law, the legal age to get inked in the U.S. is 18.

Tattoos are certainly nothing new to the Cyrus family as older brother Trace and family patriach Billy Ray both sport multiple ink designs. In fact, Billy Ray opened up last year about how Miley inspired him to get another tattoo as they were sitting in church.

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Julie Ann Grafia tattoo-tattoo artist

In the Philippines, Julie Ann Grafia, or Juki as most people call her, has been a freelance tattoo artist for almost three years now. She got her first tattoo when she was 20 and has since been adding to her body of work. She is addicted to the needle. No pain, no gai

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